My Favorite School Subjects

My name is Nola McCarthy and I go to the Tapestry Charter School. My two favorite subjects in this school are Honors and History. I like Honors because I really enjoy writing and reading. I really History because I find it really interesting and plus it can help us resolve problems that we have present day that we can resolve because these problems also have happened in the past.

I’ve taken honors now at Tapestry for 1 1/2 years. The first year was with my favorite teacher Mr. Schutte and then this year I have Mr. Mank who also is a wonderful teacher. I tend to question his taste in music though because he doesn’t have any of The Strokes albums in his class room. The first year of honors wasn’t that eventful though because we ended up staring honors half way through the school year.

In the first year of honors one of my favorite things that we had discussions about was if animals had the same emotions humans have. I really liked listening to other peoples opinions on the subject. That assignment really opened up my eyes to really respect and understand other peoples opinions. I really enjoyed getting feedback as well on that assignment.

This year in honors we haven’t done a whole lot just yet considering were just only finishing up the first trimester. In the beginning we talked and learned a lot about the brain and how it functions. This wasn’t exactly the funnest thing we have ever done in honors but it was really informative. One of the more fun things were doing now is that we have come up with a new skill which we must learn in the month of October.

I’ve been taking history now for as long as I can remember. It definitely has always been my favorite subject mostly because I had wonderful teachers here at Tapestry and also because I’m really good at it. Which is kind of weird considering I have a very poor memory. My first teacher was Mr. P , who’s names I wont even try to spell considering it’s Indian and I don’t want to butcher such a beautiful language.I had him up t’ill 8th grade then in 9th grade I had Mr. Carstens, who by far is my favorite Global teacher because he was straight forward with the info he gave us and he always made sure that the important stuff just really stuck in our heads.

By the end of 9th grade after I passed his final big test I had to say goodbye and move onto 10th grade Global with a comedian as a teacher. When I say comedian I don’t really mean it he thinks hes jokes are funny but there really not all the time. But whatever floats his boat I don’t really care if he makes jokes because he so far has been a pretty good teacher. The best thing about him is the pranks he plays on our English teacher Mr. Riccio, that I will give to him he is a good prankster.

Besides liking global because of my awesome teachers I also like it because it expands my horizon to learn more about the worlds problems not just mine or America’s. Learning about war and how it caused it. Or learning about where refuge’s go when they have no-where else to go. The things i’m learning now in global can help me have intellectual conversations about real world problems.

In conclusion those are my two favorite subjects in school. Tapestry has really given me some great teachers to learn from through ought  my years here at Tapestry. I’m very lucky that I am able to have close relationships with my teachers because that really helps me when I’m having trouble n my classes. Tapestry’s unique form of learning has really come to help me enjoy more and more of my classes.

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Freshman Advice

Hi my name is Nola McCarthy and I am a 10th grader here at Tapestry Charter School. I use this advice all the time in all my classes and every year I do it goes by so easy. The reason i’m writing this is because well one my teacher told me too and also I want to share with you how easy these 4 years can be if you follow this advice.

1.) Don’t be rude. If something is getting on your nerves then deal with it in a calm manner because once you put out that negative energy then everyone around you will become negative and then the whole day is just ruined.

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2.) Every movie about high school is so unrealistic. Don’t listen to those movies. Like there is no freshman Friday. No one is gonna mess with you unless your rude. High school isn’t hard unless you don’t pay attention and act bad. Just be a good kid and in a blink of an eye high school will be over so enjoy it while it lasts.


3.) I can’t stress this enough. BE YOURSELF! Don’t be anyone you’re not and don’t feel like you have to act like anyone but yourself. No one likes an attention seeker. Don’t try to be funny because trust me your not funny. Be the best you you can be. Believe in yourself! You can get through these 4 years if you believe in yourself.


4.) Grades matter every single year! So don’t think that freshman year is just a fun year you can blow off. Colleges go back and look at all 4 years. Do your homework and actually try because all of that homework will add up in the end to help with your final grade. Try your best on everything!

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5.) Don’t start rumors. You have 4 years of high school and you don’t want to spend it with everyone not liking you. Stay away from gossipers! Don’t tell people stuff that isn’t true. Get your facts straight. Treat people the way you want to be treated.

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